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Michelle Montuori is one vocalist that never fails to leave audiences across the globe completely entertained. Originally trained as a dancer, she made the transiiton to vocalist after working all over the world on both land and sea.

In 1999, Michelle recorded her first solo single, titled "Once In A Lifetime". The song was recorded in New York and London, and was later followed in 2003 with a new song "Fly Into The Light", and a cover of Sting's "Fragile".

Michelle has also performed for the Glenn Miller Orchestra and the Memphis Belle Orchestra, her unqiue singing voice lending much to the performances.

She has performed upon cruise ships for many audiences. These ships include the King of Scandinavia, the Dana Anglia, Van Gogh, Achille Lauro, and more.

Her talent even extends past singing, as she has contributed to various pantomine acts, including Aladdin and Jack & The Beanstalk, where she worked as choreographer and principal boy.

Throughout her career, she has worked with other notable talents including Cannon & Ball, Keith Harris & Orville, Joe Pasquale, Billy Pearce, Duncan Norvelle and Mick Miller.


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