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Having a career as a professional entertainer spanning over 10 years, Martyn Dominque delivers a passionate performance using his vast repertoire of styles.

Martyn's ability is such that he can comfortably perform as part of a full band, as a duo, or solo, and is capable of covering a multitude of genres such as Operatic, Italian, Spanish, Musical, Pop, and more.

Focusing on the more tender side of life, Matryn's favoured themes lie in love, passion, and romance.

Media appearences include ITV's "Stars In Their Eyes", BBC Radio Leeds, and Radio Solent.

Ten years of experience has lead to Martyn having a very impressive track record of working locales, including all twelve Warners Hotels, Holiday parks like Haven, Butlins, and Bourne Leisure, and cruise ships such as the Costa Daphne and the QEII.

With such a versatile range of skills and a long history of entertaining audiences everywhere, Martyn can deliver a heartwarming experience to any audience.


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