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Mark Walsh has playing the Ukulele and Ukulele Banjo from the age of eight and is now regarded as one of the finest Ukulele performers in the world today.

Mark's interest in the instrument started when he was at school, but his style of playing was influenced by the late variety star Billy 'Uke' Scott, who was a great inspiration and a dear friend.

When often asked why he learnt the Ukulele banjo and not the Guitar, Mark will probably reply by saying: "Everyone plays the guitar and I always like to be different!"

Mark Walsh's talent lies in taking the instrument to a much higher level and showing how melody can be played on the Ukulele.

With a variety of songs and comedy, this is how Mark Walsh has become one of the most unique variety performers around.

He has successfully shown what a wide range the Ukulele and Ukulele banjo has.

Mark has worked on stage from a very early age and has been honoured enough to work with many great stars including Danny La Rue and Roy Hudd.

Mark works mainly in the theatre and in cabaret and is greatly involved with Music Hall. He also works all over the world on cruise ships.


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