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The Tremeloes

The Tremeloes originally formed in 1959 as a five peice, when the number of rock groups could be counted on one hand, but having acquired two electric guitars and an electric bass made them almost unique!

Before the start of their recording career, The Tremeloes toured extensively and gave over 200 broadcasts for the BBC.

Their first hit came through with "Twist and Shout", and was followed by 7 more major chart achievements including "Do You Love Me", "Someone, Someone", and "Candy Man".

Later on in their career, The Tremeloes went on to create 19 hit records, and created a world-wide number 1 song known as "Yellow River".

During their time, The Tremeloes appeared with all the greats including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Cliff Richard and The Shadows, and many more historic musical legends.

The Tremeloes 'live' performing success must certainly be credited to the sound created by professional musicians. Musicians who have 'Done their time' to enable them to play rock music as only a 50's - 60's or 70's band can, and appeal to audiences of all age groups, as they most certainly do, all over the world.

The two original Tremeloes can still be seen today, putting their heart and soul into every 'live' show.

With Dave Munden on drums & lead vocals and Rick Westwood on lead guitar, joined by Davey Freyer on bass guitar and Joe Gillingham on keyboards and vocals, The Tremloes line-up bring their unique sound of musical and vocal talents into the 21st Century, performing to hundredas of thousands of people every year, world-wide.

Their presentation is state of the art, as you'd expect from an act with this level of expertise. They never fail to please!

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