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David Oakley Picture

David Oakley's magical ability has been rewarded by winning numerous competitions for both stage and close-up magic. David will amuse and amaze with his brand of magic, but most of all, he will entertain!

David has worked at numerous venues throughout the U.K, including prestigious hotels and conference centres. He was also resident magician in Spain for a top Holiday company.

David Oakley's speciality lies in close-up magic, bringing the mystery of Magic right into the hands of a spectator. Without the aid of camera tricks, David will amaze and amuse, his gentle manner and charming personality popular with everyone.

Additionally, David has his own light hearted magical cabaret, a 30-40 minute act with audience participation, featuring set-peices like candles which appear and dissappear into thin air, a dissolving cane, linking rings, and a mysterious floating ball make up a sophisticated classic magic act.


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